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THe Book of Daniel

Directions: The credit content consists of True/False, Fill-in-the blank, multiple choice, and Short Answer questions.  On the true/false questions please underline true or false.  For the remaining questions on the exam please put your answers on a separate sheet of paper.  Please print neatly or type your answers. 


  1. True or False: Conservative scholars offer three explanations as to who 

  2. Darius the Mede is.  The teacher believes the best explanation is that:  Monarchs often had more than one name and Darius and Cyrus the Persian was 2 names for the same monarch as attested to by the Aramaic reading of Daniel 6:28. 

  3. True or False: The decree issued in Daniel 6:6-9 included all the officials of Babylon. 

  4. True or False: The Anti-Christ, like Antiochus Epiphanes has an intense hatred for the Jews.   

  5. True or False: The “word picture” in Daniel 6:14 for laboured is:  an animal caught in a snare. 

  6. True or False: No credible evidence outside the Bible proves there could have been a den of lions. 

  7. True or False: I Kings 8:33-38 and verse 44 tells us that Jews were to face toward Jerusalem, and specifically toward the temple when they prayed. 

  8. True or False: Darius’ decree in Daniel 6:24 commanded that the men which accused Daniel along with their families be cast into the den of lions. 

  9. True or False: The explanation of the 4 kingdoms in Daniel chapter 7 given by the teacher is the only conservative view. 

  10. True or False: “Sea” is often symbolic in Scripture for the Gentile populace. 

  11. True or False: A great civilization (like Rome) is not conquered from without until it has [first] destroyed itself from within. 

  12. True or False: The 10 toes (10 horns) will never become the New World order. 

  13. True or False: The Old Persian Empire of Daniel is today’s Iran and Iraq. 

  14. True or False: The ancient of days is spoken of 3 times in Daniel chapter 7. 

  15. True or False: Daniel’s use of the word “saint” most likely refers to the Jewish Saints. 

  16. True or False: During the great tribulation the Jewish people are primarily the focus of Antichrist’s hatred.  This is also called Jacob’s trouble in the Old Testament.   

  17. True or False: The Anti-Christ will break his covenant with the Jews in the middle of the tribulation or 70th week. 

  18. True or False: The Anti-Christ will come out of the revived Roman Empire.

  19. True or False: Beginning in Daniel chapter 8, Daniel’s vision concerns the empires of Persia and Media as they relate to Israel. 

  20. True or False: Antiochus took the name “Epiphanes” which means:  god manifest. 

  21. True or False: The antichrist, like Antiochus Epiphanes has an intense hatred for the Jews. 

  22. True or False: Artexerxes gave the order to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls in 444 or 445 BC that fits Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 9:25. 

  23. True or False: Chapters 41-46 of Ezekiel speaks of the millennial temple. 

  24. True or False: The prince of Persia is Satan. 

  25. True or False:  Michael the archangel is the prince (protector) of Israel. 

  26. True or False:  Daniel’s deep love for his people compelled him to fast, mourn, and pray for 21 days.  In like manner Jesus said:  “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.” 

  27. In what New Testament Scripture did Jesus refer to the abomination of desolation? 

  28. During the Millennial Kingdom, David will rule as Christ’s right hand man.  List 2 Scriptures that provide 

  29. A good conservative date for Daniel is: 

  30. The book of Daniel is written in two languages:

  31. Daniel deals in depth with the times of the Gentiles.  This is referred to by Christ in: 

  32. The mixture of clay and iron in the feet of the image in chapter 2 represents: 

  33. When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were cast into the fiery furnace, what burned? (Circle one) 

  34. Babylon is a type of: 

  35. Nebuchadnezzar lived like a beast in the wilderness for 7 years to ___ him. 

  36. The handwriting on the wall indicates that: (Circle one) 

  37. Who attempted to convince Belshazzar that there was a man (Daniel) who could reveal secrets?

  38. Give at least two reasons why the 4th empire (revived Roman Empire) is diverse from the first three. 

  39. Explain Daniel 8:25, “he” (Antiochus and Anti-Christ) shall be broken without hand. 

  40. What very significant event occurred exactly 173,880 days after Nehemiah gave the Jews the go-ahead to rebuild the city wall of Jerusalem? 

  41. The 70th week begins when the Anti-Christ does what? 

  42. Quote the Scripture in the New Testament that describes the physical appearance of Christ and is very similar to Daniel 10:5-6. 

  43. Explain what Daniel 11:37 means when it says concerning the Anti-Christ, “he will not regard the desire of women.” 

  44. Read the entire book of Daniel in your Bible.  Write a (one page – 250 words minimum) summary of the book. 

  45. Write a one page paper (250 words) on the Anti-Christ as typified in the typology of Antiochus IV (Ephiphanes).  Be sure to include the fact that Daniel’s use of Antiochus is not solely related to Antiochus, but is a “double reference prophecy” to the Anti-Christ. 

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